21 April 2014


I´ve teamed up with @todieforswimwear and now you can win a bikini of your choice 
from todiefor.com! Here´s how:

1) Write what model they want to win + size
2) Follow facebook.com/todieforswimwear or on Instagram: @todieforswimwear

Optional: Share the giveaway on their facebook.

19 April 2014


What i really like to do during my free time is to take a long long walk. So last week we had such a beautiful spring weather, a weather where you can't stay at home in front of the TV or whatever.. 
So my boyfriend, my dog and me we took a long walk at a park in Vienna called "Donaupark". It's such a beautiful park mostly because of the spring flowers. I took some pictures you may want to use as your wallpaper. Click the picture to see the full size image. 

Another topic...Today i received my Tea from Detox Skinny Herb Tea. Immediately started this morning drinking their tea. But before that i was reading all the facts you need to know and where you have to pay attention on what you're eating. Also very important to drink enough water over the whole day! Will wrote a seperate post how i'm doing and if there are any changes on my body. 
Visit their page - detoxskinnyherbs.com

 At least i also want to introduce you to my little chubby. His name is Histy.

17 April 2014


My first try doing pancakes. The first one i did was looking like i've never done this before. But time after time they're getting better and better. On the pictures you can see the result. I like how they look like but i will try another recipe to see which one is the best. This recipe was actually for "6" portion but i was able to make way more. I took the smallest pan but for cute pancakes it was still too big. So i just put a smal amount of the dough into the pan to get the perfect size. Here are some pictures and under them you'll see the recipe. 

First of all mix the flour together with the vanilla sugar, baking powder and the salt. Add the two eggs and while you start mixing everything add slowly milk until it's a mix of creamy and liquid. Done is your dough. Now heat your pan not too high if you don't want black pancakes. When the dough is in the pan be patient and wait. Then try to move it a little bit ..when it still sticks one the pan it's not ready to turn around! 
Pancakes are a famous breakfast dish in the USA. They eat them with maple syrup but you can also eat it with so much more... e.a. jam or nutella. 

So take your time and make a delicious breakfast for a good start into the day. 

15 April 2014


FINALLY! My triangl bikini arrived! I was so excited and always keep looking on DHL tracking to see where my package is at the moment. Then my mom wrote me a mail because i wasn't at home, "Your bikini arrived!!". I had to drive instantly home and open my package. Then i tried it on. At first i was a little bit sceptic, because i thought the bottom will not fit. But i was so relieved when i tried it on and fits ablsolutely perfect. Both, bottom and top. I can't wait to wear it this summer! And even more on my trip to Barcelona which is just in 2 weeks. There i will do some whole-body pictures on the beach for you guys! That's my motviation for the gym. Get ready for my new triangl bikini. 
I decided to choose the Winnie in the colour Miami mint. I couldn't decide between this piece and the Winnie in the colour Arizona sunset. But at least i made a desicion and i'm so happy with it. Both are size S. My bra size is 75B and pants size 34. Just for you to have a better idea how they are cut. I heard that their bikinis are little bit tight because they are not stretchy but they are absolutely not too tight. I really love their material. It's out of the fabric wetsuits are made off. Extraordinary and a great idea. 

Go visit their page and get your own triangl bikini for a perfect beach look - triangl.com

13 April 2014


Finally got my lace shorts from Zara. I really love them and can't wait to wear them this summer. One thing to cross out from my shopping list. When it's getting hotter i'll show you guys how i am going to wear it. And i need more tan for short pants! 
Click here to visit their online shop.

Song of the week: I See Fire - Ed Sheeran 

07 April 2014


New idea for weekly posts. Get the celebrity look. 
I'm trying to "re"style the clothes a celeb is wearing as best as i can and show you guys where you can buy everything. Hope you like it! 

1. Leather pants from here
2. Suit Sweatshirt from here
3. Abro Clutch from here
4. Glasses from here
5. Scarf from here
6. High Heel Sandalette from here
7. High Heel Sandalette from here

06 April 2014


2011 my class and i did a schooltrip to Great Britain. It's a lovely place..i really enjoyed the time there. I picked out some pictures i did except the first one my best friend did, but i absolutely love this shot! It was the day where we rode the ferry wheel called London Eye. It was a unforgettable time with my classmates! We flew from Vienna to Düsseldorf, then we took the bus to France and with a ferry to Dover. We drove with the bus into the ferry, because we did kinda like a bus tour from city to city. I can't remember all places except for those i like the most..Eastbourne, Brighton and of course London. Great Britain is a great place for shopping!
Have you already been there?

05 April 2014


Here are some things i wanna do before i die. Those are not all but my deepest wishes! Of course there are many more.. Actually i planned to post some fitness exercises but the battery of my camera was empty.. next week i will post them. 
Getting the first "to do" closer because i'll travel to Barcelona at the end of the month. I really can't wait! Also i can't wait to receive my TRIANGL bikini so that i can wear it on the beach! 
Maybe you have some recommended places i should see in Barcelona?

(Pictures from Pinterest)

02 April 2014


Sometimes when i have messy hair or just a bad hair day i wrap them together into a messy hair bun. And when i got time i add a bow under it. This picture shows how i do it. I use this hair donut to get a pefect round shape. First of all you do a usual ponytail. Then you put all your hair through the donut. Start from the top and wrap your hair around so that you can't see the donut anymore. Next step is a little bit hard to explain..Push your hair step after step inside. Roll the whole donut down to your head and don't forget to push. When it's to hard for you to understand there are many tutorials on youtube how you can do it. I've also got it from a tutorial.. And the last thing just add a bow, any color you like, and done is your messy bun. 

01 April 2014


Hey! It's April now and here in Vienna we have a lovely weather.. I really enjoy the sun. 
I though about showing you some of my drawings. When i got time and when i'm in the mood i draw something. Hope you like them..  

31 March 2014



Habe 2 tolle Blogs ausgesucht! Vielen lieben Dank an alle fürs mitmachen :)

30 March 2014


Thought about giving you some helpful tips about blogging and getting more reader. Hope you like it. 

1. Add labels and a description for searching engine. Those should be the main topics in your post. 
    People search something online and they may come across with your blog post. 

2. Layout - it's important to have a pleasant layout, not too boring, but not too much! Sometimes less is more...

3. Be an active blogger - always try to answer questions, find new blogs and also comment their posts! 
    But don't forget, be honest :) Plus try to write daily posts...

4. Try to post something where you think "I would read that or i would be interested in.."
    You don't have to please someone. 

5. Spread you blog - Best example mystylehit.de or other social communities, where your blog can be found. 

6. Post title - try to make it short, include the main topic and it should attract the readers       attention

Do you have some tips or tricks how you improve your blogging? 

28 March 2014


 I really love these kind of accessory...bracelets, rings, necklaces.. especially in gold! But i also wear silver. 
The first one is from Nomination, you can always add and remove some links. Composable Bracelet
The one with the heart was a gift. The pink one is from Primark. I absolutely love it! The feather bracelet is from Aldo or Call it Spring..can't remember that.     

26 March 2014


Some of my photographs i do when i got some free time.